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[Solved] Structuring a QtQuick (plugin) project

  • Hello Qt developers,

    Currently I am developing a QMl plugin that consists of a C++ part and some Qt Quick Items written in QML using that C++ part. So my question is: What is the best way to structure such a project?
    The idea is to create some kind of plugin one could use to create applications using that library and all the QML Items. As far as I understand the C++ part goes into the QML library and the QML files into the imports folder. The first part is covered by the QtQuick tutorial, however, I did not find anything on the second part.

    It would be great to have all the library things C++ and QML in one project. So users could run a simple qmake, make, sudo make install and would be ready to go.

    Can someone please point me to some documentation or example projects to that topic.

    EDIT: The QML Plugin Example:
    is exactly what I searched for.


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