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PyQt4 Python 3.3.3 syntax prompting(autocomplete) PyCharm

  • I use PyCharm JetBrains IDE to develope. Recently, I have started using python, I am new in this language. I wanted to try using PyQt4 to write GUI apps. So I downloaded PyQt4 64bit, python 3.3.3 and installed it on my laptop and PC.

    And now, finally it works, but PyCharm doesnt prompt syntax while clicking "ctrl+space".

    What is strange here: I did the same with Python 2.7.6 - I downloaded python and PyQt4 for 64bit 2.7 python too. And with this version everything works fine: every method/function is prompted by PyCharm.

    Problem appears in version 3.3.3. I am using win7 64bit, I downloaded 3 times: python 3.3.3 and PyQt4 64bit for Python 3.3.3, redownloaded it over and over again and nothing helped.

    I was searching in google for 2 days(seriously!!) and couldnt find the answer. I would be thankful if someone could help me.. :)

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