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Remote building and debugging

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm new to this forum and to Qt world, and first of all I'd like to greet you and thank you in advance for any possible help. I was not sure where to post this topic, so I'd ask you where it is better to put it. I tried looking at different posts and forums, but I didn't find a successful answer to my question.

    My problem is: I'm developing using Qt Creator 2.7.2 on my Windows host, while my source code is on a Linux build machine sharing NFS folders with my host. I can edit code in mapped network drive, and I can build calling the remote Makefile (Linux ICC compiler) from my host by using a proper Kit with Custom Build Steps via SSH. My executable should run on a different Linux server, which shares the same Linux build machine NFS folders. I can make my executable running with a proper Kit and Run customized commands, and I can Start Remote Debug Server Attached to my process. But when I try to Attach to Remote Debug Server, Qt cannot read debug information and recognize my executable format. I guess the reason is I'm building the project "outside" Qt and I don't have ICC compiler for Windows.

    Do you know if there's a way to overcome this problem and make Qt correctly attaching to my executable, so I can debug using Qt Creator?


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