NewB wants to learn QML

  • I would like to learn QML programming, but hand coding, not using the RAD.
    I have seen many videos of people programming using hand-coding and I cannot stop wondering how I can learn to hand code using QML.
    I am the kind of person that needs to do things manually to understand the RAD.
    Please note that I am proficient using C/C++ and good enough using .Net, by using I mean hand codding.
    So, please, if you know of any kind of documentation that would take me step by step on how to program (hand coding) using QML do let me know. I am thinking books or a thorough tutorial, but so far I have not found one.

  • Hi,
    have you seen "qmlbook": ?

  • I tend to do hand-coding for my presentations.

    "Introduction to Qt Quick Controls":

    "Rapid UI development":

  • Thank you so very much. That information is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I now have so much to learn this weekend. Sweet, kids, just sweet.

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