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Migrating away from QtScript

  • I have a Qt 4.8 application that I ported over to Qt5.2. I am using Qt's Javascript engine in my C++ application which means I use QtScript. The purpose of this script is to provide a user a way to write mathematical expressions.

    I am worried that QtScript is going to go away in the Qt 5 series as it is only an addon right now, and the documentation says to use QJS* classes located in QML. I see these classes are exposed in the C++ list of classes. Should I move to them, are they faster ? Are there any other benefits to the new QJS classes ?

    Maybe I should get rid of the Javascript as it is used quiet intensively for filtering live streaming data. Can anyone recommend a good C++ library that will allow me to dynamically create, and evaluate algebraic expressions. Something like :

    @"if (( $price < low) && ($volume > averageVolume*1.10))@

    Any feed back greatly appreciated.

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