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Empty window when building static QtQuick application

  • I got a static build of Qt 5.2.1.
    When i compile a simple hello world application (the one thats created when ceating a new QtQuick application) it works perfectly fine but only on the machine i build it with. On any other machine there is just an empty window.
    Now thats pretty confusing for me.
    I use a Qt resource file with the main.qml in it and therefore changed
    @QtQuick2ApplicationViewer::setMainQmlFile(const QString &file);@

    to use

    instead of

    and in the main.cpp:

    So its really just the simple hello world.
    The behavior that its working on the machine i build it, but not on any other with really confuses me.
    I tried finding a solution via google but only found alot of problems with Qt versions prior 5.2.
    So are there any extra steps to do in order to build QtQuick apps static?

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