QML Application : Display partially froze

  • Hi
    I am using QT 4.8.4, and QTQuick 1.1 on windows 7
    In my application I have several viewer that display QML application. Some instruments are displayed: conter, indicators , bargraphe , buttons ...

    Some times, one or several of the viewer does not update their display anymore (seems like whe computer ressources are getting low but not sure)

    • I put some trace in the paint methode => called cyclically
    • I open a explorer and move the frame over the qml application which does not turn white.
    • All touch event are received : when I press a button I hear the sound but the visual is not updated.
    • If I hide and show again the QML application via a show and hide methode then it works again

    I really don't know where to look for because it is only the visual which is not updated, and I do not know how to detect this in the code since the paint methode is called

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