Qt Creator + Subversion : Am I doing it wrong?

  • I'm a long time Qt and Subversion user on Windows who has recently started doing development on OSX. Since OSX doesn't (IMHO) have a nice simple svn GUI client like TortoiseSVN, I'm trying to use the svn features built into Qt Creator.

    All of my projects are already in source control, and most have some files in their project that come from folders outside of the project itself (e.g. "../common"). One of the problems I'm running into in Qt Creator is that if I try to commit the whole project by using Tools | Subversion | Commit project "projectname", it only seems to be considering the files in the project folder, not the files from other folders that are referenced in the .pro / .pri files. Qt Creator is obviously aware of these files since they are properly shown in the Projects sidebar tree.

    It seems to me that Qt Creator is doing the equivalent of

    svn commit {project_dir}

    instead of

    svn commit {dir1/project_file1...dirN/project_fileN}

    I would expect the Qt Creator would attempt to commit each changed file in the project regardless of its location (assuming it is a file under svn)?

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    Yes, creator does svn commit project_dir. I am surprised that subversion even supports this!

  • Do you think I should file a bug or a feature request? To me, a project and a directory are not equivalent, so I think it would be expected functionality when you "commit project" that it attempts to commit all of the files in the project which are under source control. I'm also happy to add this functionality in myself and contribute it, but I don't know what the implications would be to all of the other SCM plugins (aside from git, which I also use)

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