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Qt SDK Roadmap

  • Considering recent events, would it be possible to get an update in the near future of the road map for the QT SDK? We have been waiting for a long time for the new multimedia stuff to be integrated into Qt, so I am hoping that will take place now that the focus has been removed from mobility. The current SDK 1.1 says it targets symbian for mobility stuff so I guess that is the only place you can use the new multimedia api's.

    Information like this would go a long way towards restoring good will in the community. When I can install Qt and see a QML video player working as one of the built in examples (not in a simulator) for the desktop, then I will believe that Nokia is committed to maintaining Qt in good faith.

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    Duff: Better ask at the Qt Creator mailing list. I know for sure that the product manager of the Qt SDK is not reading this forum;-)

    I can assure you that we continue to work on Qt, Qt Creator as well as the Qt SDK. I am just not aware of detailed plans.

  • So. I poked around and was told to point to "this blog": stating that there won't be more items going into Qt itself. We will rather decouple some of the current items.

    In "the Mobility docs": it doesn't look too bad when it comes to platform support.

    The Qt SDK 1.1 will have Qt 4.7 + Qt Mobility, i.e same versions as in the tech preview.

    Does that help?

  • Duff: One of the problems with the QML examples in our previous SDKs was the packaging of Qt Mobility - it was built for the simulator in the SDK but not for the desktop (where a lot of the APIs don't make sense, but obviously Multimedia does). There are QML bindings for multimedia already ( etc).

    And as Alexandra mentioned, we plan to split QtMultimediaKit out of Mobility, to make it easier to build etc. It will still be delivered through the SDK as usual.

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