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[SOLVED] Deploying - Static linking vs Dynamic linking Qt5.2

  • I'm in the process of deploying my Qt app to my clients.
    I would like to understand more the choice that I have.

    I read from "here":
    To link Qt statically to your application: This requires you to configure and build a static version of Qt. This, however, does mean that you cannot close your source code and reply on the LGPL. Instead, you will either have to open source your code, or acquire a commercial Qt license._

    Right now, I think that i'm deploying Qt statically to my test machine (I just copy the release folder on another machine and execute the .exe) "See project structure here":

    I don't want to have problem with the licensing, as my application will have a free version and some paid functionally (closed-source code). Is what I'm doing legal? Is putting the .dll in the same folder as the executable dynamic or static linking? I don't want my client to install Qt,

    Thanks a lot!

    Edit: I'm dump, dll = dynamic_link_library, guess i'm fine :)

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    Yes, using DLLs means you are linking dynamically. You are allowed to do this and are not violating LGPL. Good luck with your project!

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