How to manipulate with Canvas image in C++ code?

  • Hello!
    I have used Qt 4.8.4 and have had C++ component which have been derived from QDeclarativeItem with my method "void paint(QPainter *p, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *s, QWidget *w);"
    I moved my project to Qt 5 and there was a lot of lags and I tried to use new QML item "Canvas" with "renderStrategy: Canvas.Threaded"/ It works really good for me but now I have problem...
    I have a lot of C++ code which manipulate with pixels of my "old item" and i don't want to move it in QML.
    How can I get Image in C++ from QML Canvas element?
    I have tried to send "CanvasImageData" and "" elements from my canvas's context (canvas.context.getImageData) but it was failed ((
    Please, help me
    PS. I really need to get image data in C++ code. Don't advise me to move my C++ code to QML.


    bool save(string filename)

    Save the current canvas content into an image file filename. The saved image format is automatically decided by the filename's suffix.

    Note: calling this method will force painting the whole canvas, not just the current canvas visible window.

  • This method is bad for me because there is some lags while saving...

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