QtEntity, a component entity system for Qt. With widgets for displaying and editing components and their properties.

  • https://github.com/martinscheffler/qtentity

    QtEntity is an implementation of a component entity system. Features:

    • Components can be efficiently stored in linear memory.
    • Component properties can be shown in a Qt property browser.
    • Editor is configurable to show specific editors, for example a color picker for editing a color property.
    • Properties can be lists of things.
    • Not tied to a specific render engine or game engine.
    • Examples for binding to OSG and QtQuick
    • JavaScript bindings through Qt

  • Pretty interesting! I will have a look into this.

    I've done one entity system myself using C++11 features (like variadic templates) and QObject as base classes to enable signaling. It's really not optimized. Maybe I upload it in this forums too :P

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