Qt Android: Incompatible device message when adding the Fairphone [SOLVED]

  • Hi

    I tried to deploy onto my Fairphone, but when getting the "Select Android device" Window, I got the Message "ABI is incompatible, device supports ABIs: ."

    Using a Sony Tablet instead, makes no problem. Also it is possible to copy the SDK to my phone and run it from there.

    Phone is in developer Mode.

    Host system is Ubuntu 12.04

    Any idea what I'm missing?

  • Does the adb tool from the android sdk work with this device? E.g. "adb devices" should show the device. If not that's the place to start looking. (Regular android apps need to be deployable)

  • That is what I got when running ./adb devices:
    List of devices attached
    ???????????? no permissions

    I have to point out that I'm new at developing for Android.

  • Looking around on the Internet, I found the following:

    I did what was recommended there regarding running adb as sudo:

    1. sudo ./adb kill-server
    2. sudo ./adb start-server
    3. sudo ./adb devices
      The a device number was printed.

    Now I started the Qt Creator again (not from the same shell), and it detects my phone correctly and I could deploy it.

    The I restarted Ubuntu. When calling Qt Creator, I got the same problem as before, but then running kill/start again with sudo, I can see the device in Qt Creator.
    This is at least a solution I can live with - not the best one so far, but better than nothing

  • it worked!

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