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How to manually create folders in the project view?

  • I am in the middle of a big project, so bit that is is becoming tedious looking for different project files. I'd like to organize my files into folders, not necessarily physical folders, but at least in the project view so different files can be categorized. So far creator only categorizes files based on their extension, which doesn't do me much good.

    I don't notice a "new folder" entry neither on the project context menu, nor in the "add new..." templates. So how do I create a folder?

  • Hi,

    You can create indirectly a new folder when adding a new file. In the "Enter Class Name" page of the wizard, click on the browse button at the bottom and then create a new folder through the "Choose Directory" dialog box.

    I agree though that it would be nice if we could do this directly in the "Projects" view inside Qt Creator so we could have the ability to organize existing files into new folder hierarchies.

  • ^^ I have no problem with all the files ending in the root project folder, as long as I can separate and group them visually so it is faster to find stuff. I already noticed that new files pop up in the project view as copied around the project folder, but it is kid of a backward way to go about, especially considering the already existing folders source and header do not put files in different folders, at least by default.

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