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MVC best practices in QML?

  • Hi,

    I'm evaluating the use of Qt to port the UI of a somewhat dated web application optimized for desktop to mobile devices (Android/iOS). I should be able to reuse most of the data layer from the old system. I'm confident I can get a great looking UI using QML which can take full advantage of the mobile platform. My concern is how to implement the navigation between all the screens (pages/states). I will have some 30 or more screens with non-linear navigation between them. It will be possible, with some restrictions, to jump a bit from one to the other. Switches could be triggered either by gestures, buttons and potentially other criteria. I will prepare a state diagram.

    Is there a framework, or an example to show how such a controller could be built in QML? Most examples I've found so far are limited to one or maybe two screens, so they don't show a pattern of best practices that I can build upon.



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