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  • Hi there,

    Qt creator takes times to be downloaded. That is not because the size of the project, it really because the slowness of the server.

    I have high speed internet but once I want to download the Qt creator, it says that I've to wait (unknown time remaining)

    I want to ask you whether there is another way to download Qt creator ?


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    welcome to devnet

    what is the link you used to download Qt?

  • Thanks koahnig

    This link

    Qt Online Installer for Windows (13 MB)

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    Concerning the speed you probably know already that this is not only dependent on your connection but also on common traffic in Internet and possibly a lot of people trying at the weekend to start with Qt or to update. However, in general AFAIK it should not simply stop at some point.

    Possibly your AV check calls out and stops download.
    If there is everything fine, my suggestion would be to delete and download the online installer again.

    BTW you are downloading not only Qt creator, but you are also downloading Qt libs. Qt creator is only an IDE, while with Qt libs you can create your own applications.

  • Thank you koahnig for your information and suggestion, it was clear and I'll try several time until I can download it

    TQ for ur cooperation

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