[SOLVED] How to Get string and drawtext?

  • I need your help!
    I'm over 20 hours stucked in my case couse iam a bad programmer :(
    This is my non answerd thread by stackof! Please some one help me!


  • Hello jagl,

    You can make an object of Output.h class into Widget.h class.
    Using this object You can call add(name,value) function into Widget.cpp.
    But remember add(name,value) must be a public member of output.h class.

  • @sumit
    thank you! I understand the strategy but don't know how to write the code!
    this is my Button:
    void Widget::on_pushButton_clicked()
    QPaintEvent e;
    QString name;
    QString value;
    unsigned int name_val= QString::fromStdString(OutPutText::add(name, value));

    painter = paintEvent(e);
    i dont know how to catch the strings from the add(name,value) ant paint them in the widget with my paintevent! it shouldn't be deficult but i dont have ist!!

  • ok you need code-I am just writing rough code so you can easily understand.
    In Output.h class

    class Output
    public :
    void add(name,value);
    in Widget.h class

    #include "Output.h"
    class Output;
    class Widget
    Output *pOutputObj;

    in Constructor of Output class--
    pOutputObj=new Output(this);
    void Widget::on_pushButton_clicked()
    pOutputObj->add(name,value); //here u can call add function
    Remark ::-->Not Tested

  • @ semit
    thank you my problem was, i couldn't get the painter word out from my on_pushButton?clicked! but i solved it! and the solution is now on stackoverflow !

  • Ok its good...
    Write [SOLVED] before Title, if Your problem is solved.

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