Creating a QR Reader

  • Hello, I've did some basic search but haven't found anything on this yet.
    What I need is some way for creating a QR Reader inside Qt, or to know if this has already been done.
    Does anyone have some pointers on this?


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    [quote author="zarnick" date="1385560727"]I've did some basic search but haven't found anything on this yet.[/quote]
    Just by entering "qt qr" in google resulted in "this": and "this":

  • Yeah, I got those, however they didn't helped that much.
    But thanks for the help anyway.

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    and what exactly isn't helping with fully implemented solutions?
    Maybe you can be more specific with your questions.

  • Sorry raven, you stand correct, I do believe I wasn't that clear.
    I would like to know if there's any kind of lib prebuilt on Qt to make this kind of processing.

    Thank you and, once again, I'm sorry.

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    i don't think so.
    The problem is that the compiler used to build the prebuilt libraries would have to match exactly your compiler and also the same Qt version linked against in order load them successfully.
    It way easier when you have the source-code and build it yourself and integrate it this way.
    And since it's such a small project i think most people wouldn't even do the work to release different prebuilt packages.

    I suggest use "QZXing": and build it yourself and use it in your application. Shouldn't be that hard.

    Only drawback is that all the projects are written for Qt4 so far. You would get rid of the errors in the project file and adapt them to Qt5.

  • I see. Thanks for the help raven!
    Would you think possible to scan around 50 QR Codes almost at the same time, from a live camera? (this is part of my project)

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    you would have to check ZXing capabilities for that. But it seems that it is a feature rich project.

  • hi

    i am working on reading the QR image..?
    Can u help me out with start up?

    Bala Beemaneni

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