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[SOLVED] ListView to show variable width images.

  • I'm making an application that shows images using ListView and want to change the width of the delegate by the size of each image. code is like the below

    Component {
    id: mydelegate
    Item {
    id: myitem
    width: 70
    height: 100
    Image {
    id: myimage
    width: myitem.width; height: myitem.height
    fillMode : Image.Stretch
    asynchronous: true
    source: <some url>
    onStatusChanged: {
    if( myimage.status === Image.Ready )
    if(sourceSize.width > sourceSize.height)
    myitem.width = 120;

    the result is, the image size varies by the 'sourceSize' but the images are overlapped. but after the images that scrolled in are not overlapped.
    what's the problem?

  • The reason is the animation on ListView. It works after I changed the size after the animation.

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