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Qt and message queue from boost [Solved]

  • I encounter a problem on a project that uses Qt and boost message queues to communicate with openvibe (a BCI software). When I send the message queue just before showing my window, openvibe receives it, but when I send it just after the call of window->show(), it does not.

    I tried the code that send the message queue in another thread or uses a QTimer but it still does not send it.

    My debug is well displayed so everything seems to be called and not blocked by Qt. I do not receive any exception from boost::interprocess so I am running out of solution.

    Does someone have an idea why ? Thank you very much!

  • I've used boost::interprocess some time ago and had no problems with Qt and boost. What do you do? Some code? When do you poll for a message?

    Pls post some code.

  • I was using the version 1.47 of boost and after switching to the 1.51 it fixed my problem. I saw on google that there were some problem with the old versions.

    Thank you for your help.

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