Install Qt/Qt Creator as root

  • I've used the online installer to install Qt 5.1.1 and Qt Creator 2.8.1 on my Kubuntu machine. The default option was to install everything in my home-directory. I don't like that, desktop indexers going berserk etc. So instead, I restarted the installer as root (sudo), which causes Qt to be installed in the much more agreeable location /opt/Qt. However, while I could run QtCreator as user, the examples were missing from the Welcome screen. When run as root, they were present.

    I've also tried running the installer as user, then manually selected /opt/Qt as target directory. The installer then asked me for my (sudo) password. However, installation went real, real slow and eventually failed with exit code 4 on near the end of the installation...

    I know installing Qt using Administrator rights in Windows is discouraged, but what's the situation in Linux? Probably related: how can one install Qt/QtCreator on a multi-user machine, so all users have access to them?

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    On Linux, installing as root is also discouraged.

    To install Qt so that all users have access to it: either install Qt version provided by your distribution, or make a prefixed (or developer) build of Qt in a directory that is visible to all users.

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