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Setting the cursor color

  • Hi,
    I am using the following code to format my QTextEdit , but i am not able to change color of the cursor to white.

    please let me know how to change the color of the cursor to white.

    QFont font("Arial",9,QFont::Courier,FALSE);
    QPalette pl = palette();

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    you mean the blinking text cursor not the mouse cursor right?
    Are you tied to using QPalette or can you also use stylesheets?

    Following should do what you want:
    myTextEdit->setStyleSheet("QTextEdit {background-color: black; color : white; }");

    but if you need to stick to QPalette you need to add the following line:

  • Thank for the reply.

    Thats working fine , there is one more problem whenever i copy paste some colored text to my QTextEdit from other page and press enter my future text in the window is also changing to same color.

    how to disable it.

  • Solved by using
    @ setTextColor(Qt::white); @
    again after pressing enter.

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