QT5 GUI application is crashing in release mode

  • I've built a QT5 GUI application using Visual studio 2012 and Qt 5.1rc SDK with help of qt-visual studio addon.
    It is building fine with both release and debug mode.

    When i tried to run the debug mode binary it runs fine.
    But when i'm trying to run the release mode binary , its crashing .
    When i tried to debug the application call stack show something similar to this .

    msvcr100.dll()!malloc(unsigned int size)Line 91*

    Why I'm seeing this crash only for release mode binary ?
    What would have made this crash ? How to troubleshoot this problem ?

    Plz help me out

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    Check whether you are not going over array limits (past it's size), or trying to access a deleted object. Debug mode is a bit more relaxed about those things and can allow you to do some things that are forbidden in release.

  • Further investigation i found Qwebview->SetHTML() function is causing the crash in my app.
    i also found the bug in the beelow link
    is this issue is fixed ?

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