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[Solved] How to convert size_t to enum from boost in Qt?

  • I have a boost map and it's key variables' datatype is size_t. I'm reading the map from shared memory and I need to copy it to my local QMap.
    This is how the boost map looks in our application -
    @typedef boost::interprocess::map<size_t, char_string, std::less<size_t>, size_t_string_map_value_type_allocator> size_t_string_map_type;
    // -- v: My local Qt map
    QMap<Config, QString> my_QtMap;@

    And here is how I get read the values from boost map into QMap
    @size_t_string_map_type* configmapshared = shm.find<size_t_string_map_type>("configmap").first;
    size_t_string_map_type::iterator it;
    for(it = configmapshared.begin(); it != configmapshared.end; it++)
    my_QtMap.insert(it->first, QString::fromUtf8(it->second.c_str()));
    // it->first need to be converted to my enum "Config"
    How do I convert to my enum called Config ? Kindly help me.
    Thank you.

  • bq. How do I convert [size-t] to my enum called Config ?

    With a C++ cast and a good deal of caution given that size_t implies an unbounded unsigned integer and an enum is bounded and not necessarily unsigned or contiguous.
    size_t from = 45;
    Config to = static_cast<Config>(from);
    // undefined if from not a valid Config value
    This is basic C++, nothing to do with Qt or Boost, and readily answered with Google.

  • Thanks ChrisW67. I did the same, but forgot about the braces for (from). I corrected it.

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