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How to use latex with qt creator

  • how to use latex with qt creator
    or any other liberary that you know of
    to display math fomulas

  • What does displaying mathematical formulas have to do with your choice of IDE?

    If you want to use LaTeX (or TeX) from a Qt program then you can run it using QProcess (i.e. run latex then dvi2png and use the resulting PNG file).

    Use someone else's code to do a similar thing:

    Qwt has some MathML support for its graphs

  • What does displaying mathematical formulas have to do with your choice of IDE?
    why you keep answering by "what does it have to do with qtcreator.."
    can't i just ask a question about c++ in general ?

    and i really appreciate your efforts answering my question

  • I ask because this a Qt forum and you have asked a non-Qt question or because the question you have asked indicates potential confusion. I hope the question prompts you to think about why I might ask it.

    In this case, Qt Creator is an IDE, not a library or language, so it makes little sense to ask what libraries could be used to display mathematical formulas with it. Qt is a library. C++ is the language. You can use C++ with or without Qt to write a program to display mathematical formulas; this does not necessarily involve Qt Creator in any way.

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    Hi karim24,

    If you want to ask general C++ questions, we recommend posting to the -"C++ Gurus subforum ( )-. This is the "General and Desktop" subforum, which is for general Qt questions.

  • Well... that forum is really aimed at the guru-type of questions. Not your average beginner C++ question. If you want to ask pure C++ questions (even after you have searched for an answer yourself), I'd recommend a dedicated C++ or general programming channel. The fact that most people use Qt with its native C++ API and thus know and use C++ doesn't mean it is ok to post general C++ questions here.

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    Good point, Andre.

    Use somewhere like "Stack Overflow": for general C++ questions.

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