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When to start programming with GUI?

  • Hello, I am a new user. I've always had an interest in how GUIs work. I googled around asking which GUI is the best to start with and i bumped into QT (which is why i am here). I am wondering when is a good time to start using a GUI? I am a CS major, i have taken an introductory class to programming with C++ and an advanced class. I am very solid on C++ syntax, i also have a good understanding with functions, pointers, arrays, vectors, class, structs, trees, linked lists, and some other data structures. I have done simple console application projects like creating a soda machine, a tic tac toe game, calculators, etc. I am wondering if i am ready to start with GUI programming? when is a good time to start? am i going too fast? thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you're C++ fluent, don't hesitate, the language doesn't change, you only have new building blocks to play with.

    Go through the examples and demos from the doc and the doc itself. You'll see it's not overly complicated. Simply take the time to start from the basic hello world and build things up from there.

    Have fun

  • I'm pretty fluent with it. I'm no expert but i really want to learn how to program with GUIs. well thanks for the reply.

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    Then no better way than opening the docs (yes, I really stress this one, Qt has one of the best documentation you may found) and look through the examples, they are well documented and you'll get the basics quickly.

    By the way it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime :)

  • Welcome aboard beatle. If you know c++, you are more than ready, just jump in the pool :) Qt Designer is a really time saver, if you want to use it. There are already many developers who dont know nothing about c++ and are using QML with javascript, so you have many option to go with.

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