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[SOLVED] Qt Creator - Terminal Text Color

  • I'm running Ubuntu and Qt Creator 2.7.0. The terminal output at the bottom of QT Creator: can it output text colors as specified "here": ? I correctly shows up in gnome-terminal and xterm, but when running it in Qt Creator, the characters are not escaped and I get plain output, for example:

    @[1;32mStatus: [1;34mThemeManager[1;37m Theme loaded. [0m@

    Any ideas on how to enable the colors?

  • Qt Creator does not support ANSI sequences. So you will need to run this in a terminal to see the proper colors.

  • I've figured that out. There are already a number of requests for this on the Qt bug tracker. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Thanks anyway.

  • Currently I do not plan on implementing this.

    I recently did a filter to remove ANSI codes from the compiler output and getting that working was annoying enough enough;)

    Full ANSI support is a huge task, and I doubt that it is worth the effort to do it. Maybe if somebody writes a good cross-platform terminal emulator that we can integrate...

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