Linux / Window default close button / Segmentation fault

  • Hi everybody,

    Linux machine:
    Ubuntu 12.04/Ubuntu Unity
    gcc-Version 4.6.3

    Starting an application from the console I'm currently facing a challenge regarding the windows default close button (Qt::WindowCloseButtonHint).

    100 events clicking on the close button I'm facing about 62% segmentation faults.

    After reimplementing "closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)":
    emit globalQuit(); (A Signal that a QPushButton triggers too to "quit()" the QApplication) I'm still facing 28% segmentation faults in contrast to using the Quit-QPushButton itself which never causes a segmentation fault.

    This just happens on Linux and is not reproducible on a Mac e.g.

    Is there anybody having an idea about the reason?


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    [quote author="michaelPT" date="1369319154"]Is there anybody having an idea about the reason?[/quote]

    maybe...if you post the stack trace. ;)

  • I hope a "catchsegv" output helps.

    *** Segmentation fault
    Register dump:

    EAX: b2003d40 EBX: b2c43ff4 ECX: 00000000 EDX: 00000001
    ESI: 09ab8b98 EDI: 09ab8ba0 EBP: b2003d40 ESP: b29dc200

    EIP: b2bb69d3 EFLAGS: 00010282

    CS: 0073 DS: 007b ES: 007b FS: 0000 GS: 0033 SS: 007b

    Trap: 0000000e Error: 00000014 OldMask: 00000000
    ESP/signal: b29dc200 CR2: b2bb69d3

    FPUCW: ffff037f FPUSW: ffff0020 TAG: ffffffff
    IPOFF: 00000000 CSSEL: 0000 DATAOFF: 00000000 DATASEL: 0000

    ST(0) 0000 0000000000000000 ST(1) 0000 0000000000000000
    ST(2) 0000 0000000000000000 ST(3) 0000 0000000000000000
    ST(4) 0000 0000000000000000 ST(5) 0000 0000000000000000
    ST(6) 0000 8000000000000000 ST(7) 0000 a000400000000000


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    Nope, it does not. Run the application in the debugger and check the backtrace. It should point you into the right direction.

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