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Module Dependencies Qtjsbackend and Qtdeclarative

  • So when I was building Qt 5.1.0 I noticed that these modules needed to be built, so that the Android and the Blackberry QtCreator 2.7.1 Templates would run. Can anyone explain why ? does it have to deal with the Qt Quick 1.0 backwards compatibility ?

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    QtDeclarative repository holds QtQuick 2 source code. QML1 resides in QtQuick1 directory.

  • So they just have not merged QtDeclarative into the qtbase, because I would assume that in the documentation, they said the essentials would contain


    That list and I would assume there is a 1-1 mapping on this and the source code.

    Is there a particular reason why this is not true.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Qt source code is modular. Naming of the repository and it's location is a decision of the module maintainer and the community - it does not have anything to do with whether a given module is considered Essential, Add-On, or a part of Qt Playground. In most cases it's actually more or less historical.

    Modules can be moved into or out of Essentials list without any changes to the name or location of source code repository. They just need to be compilable as standalone projects (minding the dependencies of course).

    You can analyse the "Qt5 structure diagram":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt_5_Structure if unsure.

  • Thank you for your timely response this is helping me understand quite a bit.

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