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Qwtplot curve orientation problem

  • I am a newbie to Qwt, for some reasons, I had to use it to draw some tech-plot. However, as far as I know, qwtplot can only plot curve from the left to the right or, the right to the left. In my situation, I need a curve in the direction from the top to the bottom which is shown below. Could anyone give me some tips? Thank you in advance.


  • welcome to devnet

    I wonder what makes you think that you can plot only from left to right?
    Are you thinking of some special plot done in real-time?

  • hi, koahnig

    Thank you for you kindly help.

    Yes, I am think of some special plot done in real-time, just like the oscilloscope, but the direction of the curve should be from the top to the bottom.

    I think I made mistake that the qwt examples only providing left-to-right plot give me this impression and I judge it only by imagination.

    Tang Tao

  • I did not start to do real-time plotting. So I am not sure, but nevertheless, I think it should be possible to do what you are trying also there. Not sure at the moment how the shifting of the graph is done.

    Most graphs are from left to right, when the writing is done from left to right. This seems to be natural then. I would assume that natives of other language with right to left orientation it is simply the other way around.

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