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How to make standalone executable

  • I'm running into all sorts of problems when I follow the guides. I don't care if it's static or shared, I just want something that works.
    I tried using mingw and I tried using VS2010 command line with nmake sub-src and it failed.

    With mingw I get an error in the make release file. "Recipe for target 'release' failed" .cpprelease!

    Is there an easy way to create a standalone with QtCreator? I've never done this before and didn't expect it to take days of trial and error.

  • I tried using the guide here:

    But it's outdated. There's no configure executable outside of qt/qt502/5.0.2/src/qtbase/, and even when i do configure in there, with visual studio prompt, I get a "qmake failed, error 3", message and a bunch of missing file messages.

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