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Solved Problem in Compiling 3MB size class(.cpp) in GUI Application

  • Hello All,

    In my gui application I have 5 classes with size of 2-3 MB.When I am compiling my application it is seem to be hang and not able to make .o file of that classes.

    I am using Qt4.8.1 and MinGW compiler.

    Am i need to go with advance qt version like QT5.will it do any help to me?
    Please help me how can I compile big size class.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    question: why do you have such big class files at all?
    Why not modularize your source? This has the nice side effect that building/linking is much faster in long terms...

    Since it seems that your compiler refuses to work an "upgrade" to Qt5 wont help either.

  • 3 MB of "real" (handwritten) code, i.e. nothing that was auto-generated in some way, in a single file would really be extraordinary. Must be several ten-thousands of lines. So you probably want to refactor that code into multiple files/classes, regardless of the compiler issues. Anyway, Qt's resource compiler (RCC) can easily generate C++ files of that size (or larger), when you "embed" larger files (like images) into your program. The compiler handles those large C++ files just fine in my experience. Might be because they mostly consist of static data though...

  • 2-3 mb of code in 5 classes... that sounds like a bit of work... can't imagine what could be in those classes... try to modularize your classes if it is possible and then if the problem persists... dunno :)

  • Thanks Raven for quick reply.

    That class files are containing big xml data by which I need to create xml file at specified path into my system at the time of application load.

    Is it any other way by which I can attach my xml files with application setup package and code to copy that xml file to specified path at the time of application load?

  • Yes.

    Easiest approach, of course, would be to just ship a separate XML files with your program (binary), e.g. inside a ZIP archive. Alternatively wrap all required files into an installer program, e.g. on Windows use NSIS.

    If you really need to embed files into your program (binary), then have a look at:

    As said above, the Qt RCC will also generate "large" temporary C++ files, which then need to be compiled to object-code files before they can be linked into the program (binary), but in my experience this works fine. Even with files that have a size of several MB's. I do this regularly with my applications.

    NOTE: As Qt's resource system also can store files compressed, a lot of space might be saved with XML data!

  • Hey MuldeR Thanks you very much.

    I have added my XMLs to resource file and it is working fine for me.

    Thanks to All.

  • Mark the post as solved thank you :)

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