[SOLVED] Debugging a plugin

  • I'm developing a plugin based application which loads the plugins at runtime from a plugin folder with QPluginLoader. I'm developing on Linux, so I created a symbolic link to the plugin .so. The plugin loads, but since there is already some code in the plugin that isn't behaving correctly, I want to debug the plugin. Unfortunately I can't step into the plugin code and the debugger doesn't stop at breakpoints in the library.

    According to other posts I just have to make sure that the deployed plugin library is the debug version and then it will just work. The deployed library is definitely the debug version, but it doesn't work.

  • What can you see in the 'modules' view of the debugger? Is the module visible there?

  • chriso, I came in this morning and started debugging, intently watching the modules view and the debugger stepped into my plugin code and the code I wanted to debug worked correctly. All I can think is that I was loading the wrong .so file, since I did make some name changes to the files and folders. My sym link might have pointed to the wrong .so or something like that.

    Anyway, it does work as expected and we can chalk this down as a PEBKAC error. Thanks for your assistance, I didn't think of looking at the modules list anyway. There is some handy functionality available in the modules view that I wasn't aware of.

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