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Errors when running project

    • I install qt4 on mac "brew install qt" and I install qt creator for mac
    • I open qt creator and go to "open file or project"
    • I select the CMakeLists.txt file of the c++ project
    • I select a directory in which I want to build the project
    • I then select "Run CMake" and then select "done" within qt creator
    • Now the full project is available in qt creator
    • Now I select run in qt creator and nothing happens. Application output displays this:

    Starting /Users/johnmerlino/Documents/github/qt_project/MyGateway...
    MyGateway v0.0.6 on
    Error opening config file: /Users/johnmerlino/.MyGateway/database.json
    Error opening config file: /Users/johnmerlino/.MyGateway/database.json
    Settings file: /Users/johnmerlino/Library/Preferences/com.mysite.MyGateway.plist
    Loaded 0 devices from the settings...
    Error opening config file: /Users/johnmerlino/.MyGateway/config.json
    Listening on port 1731
    No mirror configuration file found...

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    Going by the output: This seems to be a (mostly unconfigured) service that is sitting there waiting for something to connect on port 1731. Read the documentation of your application for instructions on how to use it.

    Creator is working fine, there is nothing to fix there.

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