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DESTDIR and "Failed to start program" error...

  • Hi,

    Just reinstalling everything after a HD crash and am trying to get Qt 5 Creator going.

    However I've found something a bit weird - when I try to build/run the app, I get this error:

    Failed to start program. Path or permissions wrong?

    Yet the program has been correctly created and I can run it from the desktop.

    My .pro file has this in it...

    TARGET = Ted
    DESTDIR = ../../bin

    ...and it appears that removing the DESTDIR fixes the 'start error', but of course the app ends up in the wrong dir.

    Any idea what's up? I'm on Windows 7 x64.


  • Options:
    All the dependencies for the program are not being found when it is in the bin directory and run in the environment provided by Creator.
    The path to the binary in the Creator Project Run settings is wrong: i.e. not pointing into the bin directory

  • Argh, have tried all sorts of things with no luck. Pretty sure it's a qtcreator bug, as it sort of goes away if you change the target name, then comes back later...not sure how to describe it exactly though.

    But I've managed to dig up an old qtcreator-2.4.1 which has no problems with the project, so I'll use that for now.

    Thanks anyway.

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