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QUrl: Protocol "sftp" is unknown

  • Hi there,

    I am trying to LIST my sftp server, but I've got a problem when sending my request:
    if I print my QNetworkReply::errorString(), this is what I get:
    Protocol "sftp" is unknown

    This is what my QUrl looks like:

    username/password is ok, the host and port are the one required for my server, so I don't know what's going on...
    I tried with different schemes (http, https, ftp, sftp...) and it looks like only http and https is recognised...

    Any Ideas?

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    Qt4 or 5? There were changes to QUrl made for Qt5 that fixed a lot of issues.

  • I am currently using Qt5.0.2 on Linux.

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    I'm not sure about SFTP, but QNetworkAccessManager should handle FTP.

    Can you show us your code for creating and sending the request?

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    SFTP is not FTP-over-SSL but something implemented by SSH. I would be very surprised if that was supported by QNetworkAccessManager.

  • This is the code to send the request:

    @ m_sData.clear();

    QUrl url;
    QString verb = "LIST";
    QNetworkRequest* req = new QNetworkRequest(url);
    req->setAttribute(QNetworkRequest::CustomVerbAttribute, verb.toUtf8());
    m_pReply = m_pNet->sendCustomRequest(*req, "LIST");
    connect(m_pReply, SIGNAL(readyRead()),
        this, SLOT(httpReadyRead()));
    connect(m_pReply, SIGNAL(finished()),
       this, SLOT(httpFinished()));@

    Hope it can help. As I said, I tried with ftp, and it doesn't work either.
    Actually, I need an sftp connection in this project case, so if, as you say, SFTP is not implemented, I should look for another library as a replacement.
    My project already includes OpenSSH libraries for some other issues, so I should be able to develop an sftp connection with it, maybe.

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    The "documentation for sendCustomRequest()": says, "This feature is currently available for HTTP/HTTPS only."

    Anyway, it looks like SFTP is not supported. Here's a feature request for it, which hasn't been implemented:

    Your best bet is to use OpenSSH then, I guess

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