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[SOLVED]QtCreator and Subversion

  • Hi!

    I'd like to use Subversion with QtCreator and I'm not really getting the whole idea behind it and any help would be really great. I'm new to Linux so there are things which are not trivial to me.

    What I want to do basically is uploading my (unversioned) 1.0-ish project into my repo at I created a repo with tag-branch-trunk structure and I think 1.0 should go into the trunk.

    First I installed subversion via the terminal with 'sudo apt-get install subversion' successfully. The path is okay, 'svn help' is working. I read that I should import first my unversioned project into my repo with:

    @svn import <myprojectfolder>

    However, this give me a GNU-nano screen in the terminal and I don't know what to do here....When will be my repo login name/password asked?

    It is really confusing and frustrating :-(

  • Nevermind, I managed to solve the problem. You need to add -m "some note" to the command line to avoid that gnu nano stuff, for example:

    @svn import -m "inital import" --username <myusername> --password <mypassword> <myprojectfolder> @

    Now, all the files in your local 'myprojectfolder' will be uploaded to your svn host.

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