Assertion error from qasciikey.cpp while running application in C++ using opencv

  • I am running simple program written in C++ which grabs images from camera and displays them on the screen. Many times my application unexpectedly crashes after some time. It happened also in many other simple programs.

    I am getting error ASSERT: "false" in file qasciikey.cpp, line 501

    I suppose it has something with Qt library which opencv use for displaying windows with images.

    I am running Kubuntu 12.04, OpenCV library version is 2.4.3. I have installed opencv on my system together with Qt library using this instructions (opencv is build with -D WITH_QT=ON switch)

    Is there some way how to suppress calling of that qasciikey? I am Qt noob and don't know what can be reason of calling that assert. Should I recompile something?

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