Performance issue with multi QQuickView

  • I am working on Mac OS, in my app, there will be two QQuickViews, one is an editor, the other one is an animation player which will play the content of the editor.
    When the player runs in another process, it runs very well, but when I put both two into the same process, the player runs very slow.
    I think the reason is that the GUI thread need to draw both two QQuickViews.In order to test, when the player starts to run, I set the editor's visible property to be false. Then player QQuickView runs very fast.
    But I can't make editor's visible property to false in real life, the customer will get crazy when the editor view disappear, so is there any way to make player view update faster?

  • My multi QQuickView programs (in the same process) seems run well on Windows.

  • Out of interest, why do you use two QQuickViews to implement this use-case? Can't you use a single engine to manage the object hierarchy?


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