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QWebFrame::toHtml() is encoding <> automatically!

  • Below is a testing php script,

    echo $_GET['abc'], "<br/>";
    echo htmlentities($_GET['abc']);

    If I retrieve the contents of that page with chromium browser, showing the source code reveals contents like this:

    @<><br/>& lt;& gt;@ (Remove the "space")

    But with QWebFrame::toHtml(), all <> are encoded, and I got:

    @<html><head></head><body>& lt;& gt;<br>& lt;& gt; </body></html>@
    (Remove the space!)

    So clearly createMarkup encoded them, can I stop that behavior?

  • Moderators

    according to QWebFrame's implementation there is no way ... at least with the toHtml()-method.

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