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MOuse Click event in Window/desktop by susing QT

  • Mouse button clicki am trying to create an automatic mouse click event at a particular co ordinate.

    This source code moves the mouse pointer to the co ordinate region but it is not clicking.

    please help me to solve this problem or suggest any new idea to automate mouse click event.

    I am seek of this.....???

    Note: i am using QT 3.0.3

    void mMouseClickFunction()

    QWidget *d = QApplication::desktop()->screen();
    int w=d->width(); // returns desktop width
    int h=d->height();
    int x,y;
    printf("Enter the points...\n");
    QPoint pt(x,y);
    std::cout << pt.x() << " " << pt.y() << std::endl;
    QMouseEvent *e = new QMouseEvent(QEvent::MouseButtonPress, pt,Qt::LeftButton, 0);
    QApplication::sendEvent(d, e);
    std::cout << "in contentsMousePressEvent" \
    << e->x() << " " << e->y() << std::endl;
    QMouseEvent *p = new QMouseEvent(QEvent::MouseButtonRelease, pt,Qt::LeftButton, 0);
    QApplication::sendEvent(d, p);
    std::cout << "in contentsMouseReleaseEvent" \
    << p->x() << " " << p->y() << std::endl;


  • What does QMouseEvent::globalPos() gives back?

    Check the doc:

    Maybe this will help you.

  • Please help me to solve the problem or suggestions may appreciated

  • juergen_M@ QMouseEvent::globalPos() gives correct mouse event position whatever i am giving through scanf(ā€%d%dā€,&x,&y); in the above code.

    But it is not simulating mouse click event on the position.......????

  • Your goal is to write a click simulation software.
    A normal click under linux/X11 would be Mouse->XInput->QEvent
    What you would like to do is QEvent->XInput

    Here is a possible google solution:

  • juergen_M@
    i already implemented what u suggested for x11 its working fine.....but i am using is cross compiler xscale_le-g++ ....i need the same x11 implemetation for cross compiler??? is it possible???

  • In general yes. So you are using X11 on your xscale target. If this is the case your PC code should work on the target as well

  • So Mouse click event is not posible in QT?

  • No it is possible. You have to map QMouseEvent to XInputEvent.

  • canu pls able to add a related line to resolve the problem with my above mentioned code????

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