Using/installing (old) Desktop Components with Qt 4.8 on OS X 32 bit

  • Hello,

    at the moment I am trying to configure the Desktop Components to be able to use them in an application. I am developing on OS X 10.6.8 32bit. I installed and configured the Qt libraries 4.8.3 and Qt Creator 2.5.2 and I'm able to build and run desktop apps with the CONFIG += x86 in the pro-file.

    Now I want to use the Desktop Components you can find here:
    I have to use the old one as I have to use Qt 4.8 (at least I couldn't find anything about Qt 5 support on Windows Embedded Standard (the latest XP edition, not 7)). I cloned the directory on the git, moved to the folder where they are now (/Users/Sebastian/desktopcomp) and run "qmake" and "make install" how it is said in the wiki, with the following result:

    @Sebastians-Mac:desktopcomp Sebastian$ qmake
    WARNING: Ignored (not found) '/Users/Sebastian/desktopcomp/src/styleplugin.pbproj'
    WARNING: Ignored (not found) '/Users/Sebastian/desktopcomp/qmldesktopviewer/qmldesktopviewer.pbproj'
    Sebastians-Mac:desktopcomp Sebastian$ make install
    make: *** No rule to make target `install'. Stop.@

    So I am not able to use the components and couldn't find any further info or suggestions how to install them. Any ideas?

    Best Regards,

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