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[SOLVED] Installing QtQuick Controls

  • Realise this isn't released yet but I'd still like to give it a go. I'm having problems getting the plugin to install correctly. I've cloned the qtquickcontrols repository and ran qmake; make install. I get this:
    WARNING: DESTDIR: Cannot access directory '/QtQuick/Controls'

    followed by

    mkdir: cannot create directory `/QtQuick': Permission denied
    I'm running ubuntu 12.10 and have cloned the Qt 5.1 repo. According to the README file it should install the plugins to QTDIR/imports but nothing appears in there. I feel I'm missing a step.

    Edit: Also when I try to run the examples application I get
    module "QtQuick.Controls" plugin "plugin" not found

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    If your Qt build is not prefixed, you probably need to run make as root.

  • Tried both. First time I had a developer build and did a root install. That failed to find the plugin. Then tried a prefixed build and same thing. Tried setting QTDIR also.

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    Sorry, I don't know how to help you, then. I think this project is planned for inclusion in 5.1 or 5.2?

  • Are you sure your build was entirely clean? Note that "dev" is no longer the correct branch in qt5, we are using stable now and it sounds like you might have a build that is not entirely up to scratch.

  • Ok so I did a clean build of qt5 stable branch. Stable branch of qtquickcontrols compiles fine (though installs to QtDesktop), dev branch of qtquickcontrols produces this
    @qtmenu.cpp: In member function ‘void QtMenu::setMinimumWidth(int)’:
    qtmenu.cpp:247:25: error: ‘class QPlatformMenu’ has no member named ‘setMinimumWidth’
    qtmenu.cpp: In member function ‘void QtMenu::setFont(const QFont&)’:
    qtmenu.cpp:253:25: error: ‘class QPlatformMenu’ has no member named ‘setFont’
    qtmenu.cpp: In member function ‘void QtMenu::__popup(qreal, qreal, int)’:
    qtmenu.cpp:313:25: error: ‘class QPlatformMenu’ has no member named ‘showPopup’@

    This looks like it needs "Qt 5.1": which is the dev branch (unless I'm confused)

  • No you are not confused. And I am afraid I got bitten by the very same issue as you. The timing of your question was perhaps a bit unfortunate. We did plan to merge all the development branches over to "stable" yesterday but the qtdeclarative repository got stuck in CI and the integration is still pending.

    You can track it's progress here:,51499

    Unless that successfully integrates over night, you will have to fetch that merge directly from gerrit. I would expect a bit of a rough ride for the next couple of days so perhaps you should temporarily stay on "dev" for testing controls. Sorry :)

  • Haha curse being over eager. Ok I'll hold off for a bit

  • Where is the qtquickcontrols repository?
    I cloned the stable branch and dev branch but didn't find a qtquickcontrols folder. I built them and there's no dll related to qtquickcontrols been built.
    Am I missing some steps?
    Or maybe I need some days to wait the merge to be completed and then clone a clean stable branch?

  • Well, I found qtquickcontrols in

    But I don't know how to build the module separately. I run qmake and jom (qtbase\bin is added to PATH). It results in error:

    C1083: Cannot open include file: 'QQuickTextDocument': No such file or directory

  • That error happens because the controls are developed for Qt 5.1 and you are most likely using Qt 5.0. To use the controls you would have to check out Qt 5 from git and compile the stable branch.

  • I think I'm using the dev branch (checked out serveral days ago)

    BTW, how to compile the specific branch? I'm not sure whether I'm operating correct.

    What I do is:

    1). git clone git:// qt5

    I guess the default branch is the stable branch. If I want a dev branch, then Switch to dev branch.

    2). perl init-repository

    3). and so on

    Is this correct?

  • I will checked out another clean stable branch, and clone a into qt5 folder. Am I operating right?

  • Yes it sounds correct. We only merged "dev" into "stable" a few days ago so if you cloned earlier you will probably just have to update and do a clean build. You will need to build qtbase, qtjsbackend and qtdeclarative in order to use qtquickcontrols.

  • Thank you.
    So I will do the following:
    1). clone the stable branch now, into D:\Qt\git\qt5
    2). cd into D:\Qt\git\qt5, perl init-repository
    3). clone, into D:\Qt\git\qt5\qtquickcontrols
    4). configure -debug-and-release -opensource -opengl desktop -nomake tests -no-vcproj
    5). jom\jom -j2

    Am I right?

    My question is, as long as I put qtquickcontrols into the qt5 folder, the configure script will know the 'qtquickcontrols' is there, and do the right thing? Shall I need some more arguments or options when configure ?

    Becausing cloning and building takes a long time and I've failed many times, So I'd like to ask the operations in detail. Thank you for your patience :)

  • The qtquickcontrols is still an independent project from qt5 and doesn't have to be in the same folder. Configure shouldn't have to do anything special to build it. It can be treated as any other qml project, but it might need write access to your qt directory for a proper installation.

    After compiling qt5 in stable, all you really have to do to make controls work is "qmake", "make" and possibly "make install". They should deploy themselves into your qt5/qtbin/qml folder so that any qml code that imports QtQuick.Controls will find them in their search path.

  • Well, I got it :) I used to think it's a plugin or a part of Qt so it should be in the Qt folder. Haha
    Thank you :)

  • Still failed..

    I don't have a 'make', so I use nmake (or jom) after qmake. Is this OK?

    This error:

    d:\qt\stable\qtquickcontrols\examples\text.moc../src/documenthandler.h(44) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'QQuickTextDocument': No such file or directory

    I tried three versions of Qt: dev(checked out today, serveral hours ago) / stable(serveral days ago) / dev(serveral days ago)

    then cd into qtquickcontrols, qmake, nmake ( or jom ), all result in the same error: 'QQuickTextDocument': No such file or directory

    In fact, I searched my Qt folders, there are indeed no file named 'QQuickTextDocument'.

    I switch the dev branch to stable branch, git pull, git submodule sync, git submodule update --recursive, search the folder, still no file named 'QQuickTextDocument'.

  • Is there any update on this? I am still getting same error.
    "module "QtQuick.Controls" plugin "plugin" not found "

    I have downloaded qt5 and installed "stable" branch today. but I can't see qtquickcontrols in qt5 directory. So I downloaded qtquickcontrols from git, compiled and installed.

    QtCreator imports other modules for example "LocalStorage 2.0" from QtQuick but not Controls.
    I rechecked and Controls folder is there in Qt_install_dir/qml/QtQuick.

    ps: when I type "import QtQuickControls 1.0" QtCreator doesn't show red underline. does that mean creator found it?

  • jiggy: you can try Qt 5.1 alpha:

    There is qtquickcontrols in 5.1's directory.

  • weiyuemin:

    That worked. thanks!

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