Cannot overwrite file

  • greetings after commiting a mistake of installing the old qt from the ubuntu software center i unistalled and downloaded the latest one from the website but now i get this erorr message:

    cannot overwrite file /home/usrname/./config/QtProject/qtcreator/qtversion.xml: Permission denied

    any idea guys?

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    When are you getting this stuff?

    A simple chmod or chown should do the trick:
    sudo chown -R username /home/usrname/./config/QtProject/

  • Yes thanks for the advice but i was so worry that got help on the IRC channel lucky me the problem was fixed with

    sudo chown -Rv blackangel:blackangel ~/.config/QtProject/ && chmod -Rv 0700 ~/.config/QtProject/

  • Thank-you soo much. I was facing the same problem But your way helped me do it within no minutes Tysm

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