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Qt designer on mac - empty drop down boxes

  • Hi,
    While using Qt 4.8.4 on Mac OS X, I noticed that when trying to change a property that had a list (combp-box type) that the text would flash briefly then it would be empty. I could sleect the items when the window was closed via arrow keys, but not when the "drop down"was displayed or a t least I could not tell if it was as display was blank.

    I've completed work on an application that uses combo boxes, and get the same result, so it's not specific to designer.

    Any ideas/hints would be appreciated.


  • Have you considered to "file a bug report": ?

  • Not yet, as I wasnt sure if this was a bug or just something wrong with my setup. Given the lack of information I could find on this problem, I'm starting with the presumption it is the latter.


  • Same problem here (Designer 5.0.2, MacOSX 10.8). The workaround is to use arrows key to navigate thru the drop down menu.


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