Looking for Qt developers

  • Edited April 23: We are currently not hiring any more

    Hi fellow Qt developers!

    Do you enjoy working with Qt? Are you interested in working with a small team of software engineers to make working with our medical devices a breeze, while delivering the best possible performance and quality? Are you willing to relocate to the Netherlands, and are you allowed to work there?

    If so, I might have the right opportunity for you.

    What we are looking for

    We are looking for -both- a junior -and senior- developer. Being able to work with C++ is a bare minimum, but candidates that have one or more of the following skills (in no particular order) as well are preferred:

    • Qt knowledge (the more, the better)
    • Experience with unit testing
    • Experience with Squish
    • Knowledge of image processing techniques
    • Experience with Intel IPP
    • Experience with OpenCV
    • SQL knowledge
    • UX design or research

    If you know a thing or two about optics, about the medical environment, about opticians, contact lenses, or eye diseases: even better.

    We expect that our employees are willing to learn from each other and from whatever sources they can get their hands on. They should be willing to accept critique on their work, but also able to defend their choices. All in accordance to their level of expertise, of course.

    What we offer
    We offer an environment where you are able to grow. A small but professional team, in a fast growing company. You'll be able to put your mark on the products we make. And, of course, we offer a competitive salary package.

    Please note

    We cannot work with remote contractors at this time unfortunately, so you will have to be willing to relocate to the Netherlands and must already be allowed to work there. We cannot help you get a working permit. We are most interested in people willing to commit for a longer period, not just for a short project contract. You'll be working in an environment where most communication is done in English, so good command of that language is a must.

    If you're interested or are just looking for some more information, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message: a.somers@i-optics.com

  • -We currently do not have vacancies anymore.-

    Actually, we do.

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    I'm surprised you haven't had more success here but glad you could find someone :)

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    Yeah, congrats, Andre :)

  • Why would you think it wasn't successful? Just because nobody responded via posting here, that doesn't mean they did not respond via other channels. I'd do the same if i were to apply somewhere...

    Anyway, I just got the news that we actually do have an opening coming up again, from March. The position that is opening up is junior position, but of course the same list of interesting skills applies. We'll just accept less of the boxes ticked than we would for a senior ;)

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    I didn't meant it that way, I was just comparing to the other job offers I've looked at here. There's a couple of people answering regularly that I've thought I would have seen here. Especially since this offer is pretty interesting. I completely agree with you about using other channels :)

    Nice ! It's always a pleasure to see a good enterprise expanding :)

  • Perhaps it is because of the pretty explicit requirement that the applicant must be willing and able to relocate to the Netherlands? I think the regulars are just offering remote consulting-like services.

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    Might be indeed… But some are not stopped by that. Will remain a mystery :)

  • I would love to work and specialized my skill in Qt. Currently still in my early stage of exploring Qt techs (previously I am too much coding in Java and .NET). But still, it'll be great if the job was offering a remote position ;)

  • We are currently not hiring any more.

  • [quote author="Andre" date="1391287683"]Perhaps it is because of the pretty explicit requirement that the applicant must be willing and able to relocate to the Netherlands? I think the regulars are just offering remote consulting-like services.[/quote]

    Hey Andre,

    There are lots of experienced Qt professional's available outside Europe, especially in Asia :).


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