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Write Qt applications with Qt Creator for Windows CE

  • Hello.

    I have installed VS2008 Pro with the qt-vs-addin-1.1.10 and build qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4 for Windows CE.

    Now I’m able to write compile and run Qt applications for Windows CE with VS2008 Pro.

    What I would like to do is to write applications with Qt Creator and compile with Qt Creator and the VS compiler.

    But I have no idea how I have to configure Qt Creator (2.6.2) to achieve this. Do I have to use Kits? Can anybody give me a step by step guide how to configure Qt Creator?

    Many thanx in advance

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    The tool chains should be auto-detected, but check anyway in tools>options>Build & Run>Tool chains

    You will need to register the built Qt version in the Qt Version tab (next to Tool chains). Just click on "Add" and point creator to the qmake.exe file that the Qt version installed.

    Then you will need to set up a kit in the Kits tab. Use the CE tool chain and the Qt version. You might also need to set a sysroot (basically a image of the device with headers, etc. to build against) and/or pick a mkspec file that matches your setup (check QT_DIRECTORY/mkspecs and .../mkspecs/unsupported for a list of pre-defined ones).

    And read the manual, everything I listed here should be explained in more details there as well.

  • I found tool chain under auto-detect in tools>options>Build & Run>complilers.

    I was also able to add the Qt Version under tools>options>Build & Run>qt versions.

    But I'm stuck by adding a new kit.

    • What do I have to choose under Device type?

    • I don't really understand what Sysroot means

    • The added Qt Version for WinCe is not listed under 'Qt version' so I can't select it.

    • What do I have to select under 'Qt mkspec'?. The path to the mkspec directory for this build?

    Can you give me a link to the manual? Maybe I'm to blind to find it :)

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    Sorry, I hardly ever work on windows and never worked with Win CE. I can't really help with those details.

    I had people report that creator works for CE development, but I can't tell for which values of "works";)

    What to choose under device type? I'd go for desktop, considering that we do not support deployment to CE devices anyway.

    • Sysroot is basically a image of your device with all the libraries and headers you need to build. Try leaving it empty... No idea whether that can work.

    • Did you press "Apply" after adding the Qt versions? They are only visible in the UI till you do. We really need to improve this. Either we need a "Apply your changes" popup when switching to a different page or fix the versions being invisible till you apply... The first is inelegant and the second hard:-)

    • No idea. Try leaving that empty, Qmake should then use what you used as -xplatform (or -platform) when configuring Qt. That should work.

    The manual is available in Qt Creator under "Help".

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