[Solved] Overwriting files when copying using QFile

  • Here's a code snippet that works fine provided the destinationFile doesn't exist:
    QFile destinationFile, sourceFile;
    QDir destination("../CopiedFiles");
    QString fileName("MyData.dat");
    sourceFile.setFileName("../MainData/" + fileName);
    Is there any way to overwrite the file automatically, or would I have to go the long way around (checking if the destinationFile exists, and if it does, removing it and then copying)?

  • As the docs say, QFile::copy() will not overwrite an existing file. It's hardly a "long way around" to delete or rename the file first.

    if ( !destinationFile.exists() || destinationFile.remove() ) {
    if ( !sourceFile.copy(destinationFile.fileName()) )
    // Could not copy file
    // Could not remove file

  • But "Remove, Copy" is hardly atomic, how do I ensure other processes, such as the web server never fail to find the file?

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