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Problem setting visible property of a ListView to false

  • Hello:

    I have an instance of a ListView in a QML that shows elements in a right manner. ListView has its width property set to a valid value, but i need to set clip property to true, because if not, all elements are shown.

    With clip set to true, when i set the listview visible property to true, the list is not hidden. The value of the visible property changes well (cheched in an onVisibleChanged) but the repaint does not occurs. If i set clip to false, list is hidden, but all elements of the model are shown although the width of the list is set correctly.

    if i add a smaller component overlapping the list, and bind its visible to the !visible of the list, the component is shown when listview.visible is false, and the only region that are repainted is the new component's region, and the repaint shows that region as it would be, but not the other part of the list region.

    Am I wrong about the use of visible property in a list?

  • Visible should hide the list. If it is not the case it would be best to create a small self-contained example of this behavior and file an issue at

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