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QSharedMemory problem (windows)

  • Hello everyone!

    I've encountered a problem using QSharedMemory mechanism.
    I have two executables (server and client) using shared memory block for exchanging video frames. Client program creates a block with some name (via QSharedMemory::setKey()), and server connects to that block with the same key.
    When I start these two programs from Qt Creator environment, everything works great for both debug and release builds. But, when I make an installer with them (using NSIS), the installed version refuses to work. It's not about missing Qt libraries, because everything except of this part is working.

    Qt version is 4.8.1, under Win7 64-bit.

    Could you please help me to diagnose the problem?
    Thanks in advance!

  • What refuses to work?
    What probelms do you get?
    Do you get error messages? If yes, which?

  • Could it be that the installer runs with elevated rights (UAC) and then launches the app?

    In that case the app would be running with elevated rights too, because child processes of elevated process are always elevated as well!

    Elevated processes are running in a "protected" environment, which might be the cause...

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